More than a Martial Art

If you live in West Auckland and want to learn a Martial Art for self defence, a new hobby, to meet new people, for fitness or for competition; we believe Taekwon-Do will provide for your individual needs.

Our Classes

TKD Kubz is a pre-school program for 4-6 year olds, inspiring great behaviour, teaching social interaction.

Our Mini-Kids program is for 5-8 year olds. It has numerous benefits for kids that their parents love too! 

Beginner level  through to yellow belts with green stripe train together in this junior class.

This is for our more advanced members – from green belt right up to black belt level.

This is suitable for anyone of any fitness level – try our 30 minute fitness class.

Our Black Belts

Fritz Uy

1st dan

Nicholas Gudsell

1st dan

Matthew Webster

1st dan

Malgosia Koper

1st dan

Harlen Tariau

1st dan

Jessie Hart

1st dan

Daniel Kellett

1st dan

Bianca Koper

1st dan

Steven Webster

1st dan

Ricky Boyce

1st dan

Barry Hart

2nd Dan

Dominik Koper

2nd dan

Michelle Cagney

2nd dan

Peter Gudsell

4th dan

Debbie Hart

5th dan

Master Matthew Breen

7th dan